1. Who is Nexum Financial?

Nexum Financial is an online payment processing company that has been in business for over 5 years offering safe, secure, and quick online payments.

2. Why does Nexum Financial appear on my bank statement?

Nexum Financial processes electronic checks for our customers; your funds were transferred to your online merchant. If you are unsure of this transfer please contact us.

3. What kind of Bank Account can I use?

Only US Bank account holders are able to process transactions with Nexum Financial. The most common type of account used is Checking however, some Savings accounts can be accessed as well. If you have questions please contact your bank.

4. Are there any Fees?

Nexum Financial charges our customers $2.00 per transaction request for processing fees. This fee is added to the original amount you requested.

5. Why do you need such personal information?

Nexum Financial requests such information as SSN, Date of Birth, and Drivers License number, and state of the issue so that we can verify the information is valid. If we know the information is correct then we know it is you making the transaction and not someone trying to defraud you.

6. Is my information secure?

Nexum Financial utilizes the most current security measures to send and store your information; we do not release your information for any reason. If you call regarding a transaction you will be asked to verify a portion of your personal information so we can authenticate you.

7. How long before the check comes out of my Bank Account?

The amount of your transaction is secured at the time of processing; however, it may take a few days for you to see the transaction on your bank statement.

8. What happens if my check is returned because of insufficient funds?

If a transaction is returned as NSF we will turn the item over to a collection agency. Your transaction will be subject to any and all fees that can legally be charged. We will pursue any and all available actions both financial and legal to recover NSF checks. In addition, your information can be reported on your credit report. This transaction is governed by the same laws as physical checks.

9. What are the financial limits with Nexum Financial?

As a new user of Nexum Financial, you are limited to processing no more than $250.00 every 7 days. As you become an established customer your limits will increase. *If you have further questions please contact us!